Trailer Galileo: Awakened Universe (2018)

New SF Variety program on the subject of Mars. They will try to survive in the MDRS (Mars Desert Research Station) located in Utah (U.S.), simulating the same condition that it would be like to live on Mars. To summarize, the cast will live in a space analog facility. MDRS – a place for cosmologists – will be revealed for the first time in Korea.
Title: Galileo: Awakened Universe/gallilleo : kkaeeonan uju/갈릴레오 : 깨어난 우주
Genre: Variety TV Program
Director: Lee YeongJun
Episodes: 8
Network: tvN
Runtime: Sunday 4:40 pm
Air Time: From July 15th
Language: Korean
Kim Byung Man
Ha Ji Won
Nichkhun 2PM 
Kim Sejeong Gugudan
Crew Scientist 
Moon KyungSoo
Ilaria from Italy
Attila from Peru
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